Growth Chart Buying Guide

A growth chart is a board with ruler tick marks running from top to bottom for measuring a child's growth. But a growth chart is not just a simple measuring tool; it's a cherished keepsake that documents your child's journey from infancy to adulthood. It's a tangible record of their physical growth, a testament to their milestones, and a reminder of the precious moments you've shared. Back40Life charts can be mounted on the wall like a picture, so those special memories can move with you! We offer many different types and styles of high-quality charts for different personalities (and budgets), allowing you to find the one that best fits you and your family.

Chart Types


Our Heirloom chart is a single piece of 1/2" Baltic Birch. Customize one of our 30+ design options with your child's name and dozens of color, stain, and texture choices with optional birth stats or small note. The lettering onย our growthย charts is fully painted in crisp detail, making a piece you can keep in the family for generations. Our wooden charts are premium quality, so no vinyl is used.


Our Express chart is a single piece of 1/2" Baltic Birch. Customize one of our 30+ design options with your child's name and optional birth stats or small note. Chooseย from 4 of our best selling color combinations. Color substitutions will be an additional charge.ย Whether you like whimsical, neutral, simple, or classy styles, or themes like princess or even space, there is a design for your family.ย 


Our multi-piece charts are made from 1/4" Baltic Birch, offering a slimmer profile and cling closer to the wall than our Heirloom options while boasting the same classic function and premium look. Stackable for easier packing/storing and prepared with removeable adhesive for easy mounting, these budget-friendly charts are Ideal for renters and families on the move!


Made in three segments, the Segmented chart has a similar look to our Heirloom charts. Available in a variety of colors with the option to personalize with a name.


The Hexagon chart is a fun chart option that is ideal for smaller spaces. Available in a variety of colors with name personalization available. This chart comes in several sections, easy to stack and stick in place.

Vinyl DIY

Our Vinyl DIY chart enables you to make your own growth chart at home. Pick from a variety of color options and either put the vinyl chart segments on the wall or a board of your choice- it's all up to you! The vinyl adheres directly to most surfaces, application instructions included.

How Do I Hang My Chart?

All charts come with hardware attached and instructions for mounting.

Heirloom & Express

  • Insert nail/screw in the wall at specified height marked on back of the chart
  • Gently hang the chart on the nail/screw


  • Peel the protective paper layer off the front of each section
  • Removeable adhesive* is already on the back of each piece, so press each section against the wall firmly

*The removeable adhesive included is suitable for most surfaces, but for walls with a textured surface or specialty coating you may need to use hot glue, command strips, or another suitable adhesive

Vinyl DIY

  • Sticks to most clean and dry surfaces
  • Application instructions included

Standard Chart Scale

Our charts' standard measurement scale runs from 1'9" to 6'8". There are a few practical reasons for this:

  • Baseboards in most homes mean the chart cannot hang flat while touching the floor
  • Maximizes space to allow measuring both young kids and mom and dad too!

We also offer Custom Scale add-on options for those who need something a little different from the standard.ย 


Want to take your chart beyond the standard design and customize it even further? We offer several different add-ons that allow you to do so!

Birth Stats or Small Note

We offer space on our Heirloom charts to add your child's birthdate, birth time, weight, and length; or use this space to add a note, quote, or scripture verse. Whether cherished details from their birth or a message for their future, this add-on is a special addition to any Heirloom or Express design.

Custom Scale

Need your chart to start or end at a specific measurement? Our custom scale add-on provides several different scale options to make your chart extra personalized to your family's height range!

Protected with High-Quality Clear Sealer

Each growth chart is given multiple protective coatings of clear sealer. These protective coatings serve several purposes:

  • Prevents bleed when writing on the chart
  • Protects the finish
  • Increases the wood's stability over time

    How Do I Mark My Child's Growth on the Chart?

    We offer vinyl Markers in many colors, several styles, and personalization in either a print or script font. You can mark your child's age in years, half-years (ex: 14 1/2), grade at school, or even life milestones like "First Steps" and "Rode a Bike for the First Time". Our vinyl markers are easy-to-apply stickers, just peel and stick!

    Vinyl Marker A style.png__PID:ed2666d4-f3b8-4b30-9c5e-ecc2215665ef

    If you prefer to write on the chart, we recommend using felt-tip pens or Sharpie permanent markers (not Sharpie Pen) for marking on the charts. Black shows up well on just about every color except Black paint, or True Black stain-- but it will be more subtle on darker backgrounds. If you want more contrast metallic Sharpies or paint pens work well. We do not recommend chalk markers or pencil as they are easily erasable, or ballpoint pens as these tend to dig into the wood.

    Color Choices

    For Heirloom charts, we provide a wide selection of stains, textures, and paint colors to choose from. Stains and textures are for chart backgrounds, behind any text and other design elements. Paint colors can be used for solid backgrounds or for other chart elements. We offer several weathered and rustic wood textures, giving the board a farmhouse feel and coupling well with our different designs. Our stain options highlight the grain of the wood for a more classic look. We offer many different paint colors to choose from for any element of the chart. Use these options to make your own unique combination for your chart!


    For Express charts, we have selected 4 of our best selling color combinations to choose from. This allows for quick and easy shopping. Any color substitutions will be an additional charge.ย 

    When Will My Chart Arrive?

    Once you place your order, allow 3-5 business days for production before your chart is ready to ship out from our shop. Transit time is usually 3-5 business days. Quicker shipping is available for purchase at checkout if you need it faster.

    Can I Preview My Chart?

    A mock-up or preview of your chart is available on request for you to review and approve before production begins. You can request a preview by leaving a note in your order, or contact us with a request to see what your design will look like! If you have any other questions feel free to contact us.