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Mailbox Decal Application

Installation Video:

Installation Instructions:

1. Clean the surface thoroughly to remove dust, dirt and oils from the mailbox.
The vinyl will not stick to dirty, oily or wet surfaces. Ensure your mailbox is clean and dry before applying. Plastic mailboxes can have oils on the surface, so we recommend wiping the surface with alcohol.

2. Apply the practice heart included to ensure the surface is ready.

Follow steps 3-5 to apply the black heart, then repeat with the decal design once you are ready. If the black heart does not adhere firmly, your surface may not be clean or dry.

3. Remove the backing sheet from the decal.
Place the decal face down. Rub the back with a credit card, squeegee, spatula or other hard, flat object to ensure the decal adheres to the masking layer. If your decal was packaged in a tube, you may need to allow it to flatten out before beginning the application.

Slowly peel the backing paper away from the decal to remove it. If the decal begins to come up with the backing, simply lay the backing back down and apply additional rubbing pressure to the backing.

4. Apply the decal to your mailbox.
Carefully place the decal on your mailbox surface. Stick the top of the decal and work your way down and out, lightly rubbing with your hands. Apply more pressure using the tool you used previously.

5. Remove the masking from the decal.
Slowly remove the masking layer pulling downwards from the top right corner. DO NOT pull it towards you as it may remove the decal from the mailbox. Gently pull down at a 45 degree angle until the masking layer is removed. If the decal begins to come up with the masking, simply place it back and apply more rubbing pressure.

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